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Have you ever felt so annoyed whenever you notice some grammar mistakes in the stories or posts that you read? Because I have and I always do. In my case, I often notice these mistakes in the stories that I read on Asianfanfics(Yeap, I do read stories here), which resulting me to stop reading them instantly and sometimes my fingers are also itching to correct the mistakes that I see in people's tweets. In the stories though, I think that it is a pity, when they have a very good plot and a good storyline, but the problem is their grammar.

Alright, instead of talking about some complicated and boring things that are related to grammar, today I am going to talk about the common grammar mistakes we all create! (Obviously the mistakes I have been noticing a lot):

1) Lose vs Loose
First of all, I believe that some people are still confused about this one, but that is alright because I am going to tell you about the difference of those two and how do we use them correctly. For Lose, is a verb. Meaning: To suffer a loss, to be deprived of, to part with, to be unable to find or to fail to keep possession of meanwhile for Loose, it is an adjective used to describe things that are not tightly fitted, and when it is a verb, it means to release. It can also be a noun and I might not know that Lose can also have a lot of other meanings but what I really want you to focus on is the sentence I don't wanna loose you. This is the mistake that we all still create. We don't say loose you, it should be lose you.

This is what I have just searched for. There is no such thing as I don't wanna loose you so from now on, change it to I don't wanna lose you! By the way, you can look for other examples by watching this!

2) Its and It's
Obviously, they are two different things. Its is the Possessive Pronouns. Alright, now what are they? Possessive Pronouns show ownership. Examples: mine, yours, his, hers, and its is one of them, meanwhile It's is the contraction of it is or it has. What I want to focus about is the sentence its hurt. I often see this mistake people create in their tweets, which I know that they were actually trying to say it hurts. If you want to talk about how much your heart or your feelings hurt, then it should be the latter. I really hope people realize that they have been saying it wrong all these time. Look how do we differentiate these two here: LINK 

3) Your welcome vs You're welcome
Wherever I go, people keep doing it wrong. There are a lot of people who think that Your welcome is correct but in fact, it is You're welcome that is right. In this case, your is also a Possessive Pronoun. You're is a contraction of You are so from now on, use You're welcome instead!

4) Hurt vs Hurted
Have you ever seen people using hurted? Trust me, because I have. I am not going to lie that I used to create this mistake as well when I was young. We often see this mistake in the sentence You have hurted me. Correct it now! The word should also be hurt as a Past Tense!

5) The use of Have/Has
This time I am not going to talk about how to differentiate things and all, but as you can see, it is about the use of Have/Has. Let's focus on the Past Tense sentences. I know that some people do not have any clue on how to use them correctly. The way to write them correctly is making the word after the use of Have/Has as Past Participle. Now what are Past Participle? For example, take (Present), took (Past Tense), and taken (Past Participle). Understand it? The very last one is the Past Participle. So whenever you want to use Have/Has, it should be Past Participle like this, They have taken the test or You have done it wrong.

I guess that is all from me. The reason why I am doing this is because some people are still clueless about them. I admit that I am not perfect either, but it is always okay to learn, isn't it? It is important to know basic things like this anyway. I really hope it helps! Thank you for reading this post until the end and if you have more, you can always share with me. By the way, before I forget, Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim friends!
Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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