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So I haven't been updating for weeks due to finals. I have to admit that I had been studying quite well for it, and to be honest, if I was being my usual lazy self, you would find me updating my blog. But I tried to change, since it's been one of my goals anyway and I did it! So wish me luck for my results soon! By the way, I have been having so much fun with my friends here in my hometown! It feels good to be back home, and it feels even better to spend the time with your loved ones. I keep meeting up with my close friends: watching movies, going out to the malls and had a sleepover at my best friend's place. Life has been good so far.

Oh, one of my friends asked me if I could share some tips for studying, and I have also been wanting to share some tips related to university/college life, for my juniors especially who are trying to cope up with university life at the moment. So yeah here they are!
  •  Try to study a week earlier. This is to avoid from having so much stress. I did this before my finals started and the day or the night before the actual paper, I only had to do some revisions. Thanks to my Indian friend, Nikita, cos this is the advice that I got from her. (Yeap, I'm friends with a topper at a school somewhere in New Delhi, so I always feel insecure because this person studies twenty four seven). 
  • Look for some motivation. You keep telling yourself that you have to study when the exams/finals is coming up don't you? But at the same time you often find yourself feeling very lazy. For motivation, it can be anything seriously. For me, I always think of my parents, I think of how hard they work everyday to pay the expensive fees for my college, and I also think of the goal that I have been wanting to achieve: to score high. I'm sure it will help! 
  • Be friendly. I know most of us are introverts and that it is hard to make friends, but try to at least gather some courage and just do it! Friends are very important when you are finally in university. For example, transportation. It might sound quite... yeah. But for those who can't drive, these friends can help you. They can also help you when you have troubles in completing your assignments. 
  • Keep your circle small. It is true, you need to always have friends with you, but the truth is, close friends should only be around 2-3 people. They are the people who you can really trust, the people who will accept who you are.
  • Do not trust anyone easily. This is very important as well. I can say that I have learnt my lesson. Wherever you go, people will always judge you and they can also backstab you. Sometimes, these people are the one that are close to you, in another words, someone you will never expect to hate you secretly. Yeap, it is indeed scary.
  • Some things are better left unsaid. This applies for those who tend to voice out their opinions, the people who are very straightforward, like me. I suggest that you should keep some thoughts/opinions all to yourself, especially about the people around you. Seriously, when you are finally in university, you will find people with different personalities, people who are very opposite from you. They can even be your own friends, but try to accept who they are as well and try to accept their behaviour. You can't go around and ask people to become like you, trust me. You won't be able to know how your words can affect others terribly.
  • Spend your money carefully. Use your money only on important things! In my case, I got addicted to online shopping once I got into university. It is okay to do this, but do not spend too much money on it.
Alright, I guess that is all from me. I hope they can be helpful for you! For your information, I will share a lot of tips from now on, so please anticipate, and happy holidays to everyone!
Thursday, June 2, 2016

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