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Hello guys, what are your hobbies? Spending your time watching movies/dramas/anime, or reading some books/novels? Or playing games? C'mon, join me with my new hobby! (Although I have started a long time ago, but hey! It's the newest hobby anyway). Have you ever heard of Troye Sivan? If you haven't, he is actually a youtuber but now has become a successful singer/song writer. 

So here's what I really want to talk about today. Instead of watching some anime and movies and dramas, I also spend most of my time watching Troye Sivan's videos. For a TESLian like me, or if you guys are still trying to improve your speaking skill as well, then I suggest you to watch his videos. For me, it really helps me to speak better. Maybe because of the fact that I tend to repeat what he says. (I love his accent by the way). Anyway, if you are still new to these youtubers thingy, start it by watching Troye Sivan's videos!

Here are some of my reccommendations of his videos. Best moments of Troye Sivan! Or in other words, Top 5 Best Videos of Troye Sivan:

To be honest, I can't quite remember how many times I have watched this video. It is the best videos of him I have watched so far, to the point that I remember every single word that he says. In this video, I guess everybody can relate themselves? He mentioned the common typos we all do and he showed how they would be like if we actually create "typos" while talking in real life, which is really funny. 

So this is the video where his fans challenged him to do accents through twitter with the hashtag #accenttroye. Examples of the accents that he did are Russian, American, Scottish, British and more! I really can't move on over his american accent, imitating white girls. The way he did it was very funny.

If you haven't heard him sing, check it out here: Kiss Me | Troye Sivan (Ed Sheeran Cover) because this is the bloopers from the video! But I guess he decided to just record himself with the instrumental instead of playing the piano, as you can see in the bloopers video. I laughed so hard and kept nodding when coming upon this video as I can really relate myself, since I record and sing as well. I bet all singers go through this while recording themselves? Oh, by the way, you can checkout my covers on my soundcloud if you are interested!

And this is one of his #asktroye videos! Ask Troye videos are the kind of videos where he will do and answer everything that his fans asked him. By the way, did you know that prank calls are very popular among youtubers? It is one of the fun things to do in vlogs anyway, and in this video, Troye called his mom and told her that he got a girl pregnant, which in results, made her laugh and told him hat it was the most ridiculous thing he has ever told her. It is true since Troye Sivan is not straight. Yes, this is a warning, he has confessed to the world in his Coming Out video. (That's the title of the video if you are interested to find out.) I was not suprised to be honest, cute guys are always not straight. But that doesn't mean it makes me love him any less. Putting that fact aside, Troye Sivan is what I call "my source of motivation" since he is a very successful young man, who started his journey with acting and vlogging. Why did I say this? Because I have always wanted to vlog but does not have the chance to. Maybe not yet. I am still not confident to talk in front of the cameras. Anyway, can we talk about the part where his fan asked "How big is your sick" and his answer to that question? 
Here's one of the weirdest and funniest videos of Troye Sivan! He talked about the moments where he tends to shiver. For example, peeing. Oh don't we all do? Though some of you might find it disgusting but this is what we go through in our lives, all of us can relate to this. I still remember how I could not stop laughing at the part where he washed the spoon! It happens to all of us anyway. But Troye really did exaggerate and made it look very funny. Let's not talk about his stupid and funny expressions.

So I guess that is all from me? The thing about Troye Sivan is that, he always exaggerate things and makes everything become so funny. That is one of the things that I love about him. If you notice, Troye Sivan is not really active anymore, he has told his fans that his life has become really busy. I cannot help but miss the old Troye by the way. I mean, we all do. 

Oh, and if you are interested to know more about youtubers, go check out ThatcherJoe and Caspar. My friend introduced these two guys to me and we spent the whole night watching their videos, when we should have been studying for our test. They are famous for their pranks to each other since they used to become roommates. If you want to have a really good laugh, check out their videos! Anyway, I wish you guys will recommend me some of your favorite youtubers!
Saturday, May 7, 2016

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