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Honestly speaking, I have always wanted to draw, not just the simple anime characters or cartoons but the realistic faces of people. I always have a thing for drawings/arts anyway, and I used to imagine that I could draw everyone's faces just by looking at them, which sounds so cool if I was able to! I told myself that I wanted to (still do) have that talent but never actually giving it a try. And! Recently, I actually saw one of my close friends, Aera, doing it, and I thought, "What about I give it a try as well?" since I am also addicted to anime. I told myself to draw Kaneki Ken, a Tokyo Ghoul character. (Yeap, I finally watched the anime, and I will do the review later!)

So this is the result after finally giving it a try! I didn't just draw Kaneki, but also tried drawing Yato, a character from Noragami and as you can see, I drew Super Junior Donghae as well! I have to admit that I feel a bit proud of myself for being able to draw him. First of all, he is one of my ultimate biases and secondly, that looks so much like him, isn't it? For your information, I actually referred to a fellow ELF's drawing of Donghae, so all credits go to her. It was my first try to draw a realistic face anyway, so if you guys want to try drawing one, it is alright to refer to someone's drawing, but never forget to credit them!

To be honest, I have been drawing a lot to improve my skill. So here's some tips that I really want to share with you guys:

From my own experience, sketching is really important if you want to have a nice result at the end! One would feel lazy to erase everything back after sketching but the truth is, sketching is actually one of the basic things to do. When we are talking about art, a sketch usually refers to a quick, informal drawing. So, you are suggested to do it very smoothly and lightly in order to avoid having a messy drawing and for it to be easily erased too!

And here's another example! I sketched it very lazily at first, before doing the real thing. If you want to sketch, you need to make sure that it should at least look like the face that you want to draw, something that gives you the feeling that it will exactly look the same as the result. Next, after sketching, I would go for the eyes first because trust me, you can actually tell who is the person you are drawing just by looking at the eyes. And then I would go for the lips. Here's the harderst part! In this case, drawing Ten's lips was very hard, I must say. But, always remember that drawing requires a lot of patience, so don't give up easily! I have to admit that I love Ten's lips so much so I tried so hard to make it look the same. 

After that, I would work on the nose. This part is also important, you need to always be careful when working on it. And last but not least, the ears, the outline of the face, then, the hair, and then you are done! 

So this is my second try, and it doesn't look really good to me but at least I tried. (If you notice, I was very lazy to even draw the hair oops). On my second try too, I referred to ARMY's drawing as well so all credits go to her!

This is when I started referring to real photos instead of people's work. But, drawing Donghae's face is very hard especially his lips and eyes.

And this is one of my close friends, Mira! I just had to draw her since she's very pretty. and because I also  have a crush on her. You can checkout her instagram here: @sleepdff

Alright, and I guess that's all from me. I want to draw Jimin so bad but finals is starting this 10th May, so I will be posting more about it once I am free! Wish me luck guys.

P/S: I changed my template too, what do you think about it? I actually am thinking to change to another template since this is too simple but oh well, why not stick to this skin for a little longer.
Friday, May 6, 2016

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