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After so long, I finally decided to update my blog again. Another reason is because one of my close friends, Ven, had asked me to do it so here it is! 

So weeks ago, I was told by my friends (also my housemates), that we were going to Kemaman to watch movies. Feeling as if I was fooled, I laughed it off and they got mad at me for not believing them, then later I found myself couldn't stop smiling at the thought of watching one of my favorite movies. Yes, we went to watch The Conjuring 2! And that was the second time I watched a movie at the cinema, no kidding. The last time I did, when I was 11 years old. (I don't travel much okay, plus there is no cinema in Kelantan, mind you) 

Of course, travelling with the girls was fun! It felt like we went on a trip to somewhere very far, where there were only us. We sang, we laughed, we made fun of each other, then we laughed again. I remember taking a lot of photos during the 2 hours journey.

I took so many photos of skies! It was pouring, and when it stopped, the skies looked so beautiful. Oh isn't it obvious? I have a thing for skies. They made me feel calm to be honest. The sky at the beach that we stopped by for a while, it was also beautiful! Since we arrived too early at Mesra Mall in Kemaman, we decided to rest there.

This is me taking a photo of myself trying to check out a Japanese language book (We stopped by at a bookstore while waiting for the time to watch the movie), because during this short sem, I am taking a Japanese class! This photo was taken before the classes though, and I was nervous, at the same time, feeling excited at the thought of learning the language. Honestly speaking, although I am so into this Korean stuffs, I still prefer Japanese. So what did I do? Yeap, I learned Hangul instead. I can read Hangul well, can speak the language a little bit, but never really bothered to learn my most favorite language, but well, now I am learning it! The classes had been fun so far, sensei was so adorable and very nice to all of us but only one thing, I could not catch up very well. A question from me, do Japanese people always learn that fast? 

By the way, about The Conjuring 2, I'd rate it 7 out of 10. In my opinion, I still prefer The Conjuring. Although Valak was scary in the movie, the first conjuring haunted me for days instead of the newest one. Maybe because deeply inside, I feel that Bathsheba Sherman is more scary? Anyways, that does not mean you won't check out The Conjuring 2! It is a nice movie as well. As expected from my favorite director, James Wan, his works are worth to check out! In the movie, it was not about all the scary things and musics that will make you freak out and scream for nothing, it was about a strong bond between Janet and her family, as well as the faith that Ed has in Lorraine, the famous ghostbusters couple. One of the important things that I like about James Wan's movies is that, most of his movies are all based on real events, so it was worth it, to travel for hours to watch the movie.

That's me trying to make a list of the things that I want to talk about in this post, and as you can see, the last one in the list, I have started making videos again! For your information, I make fanvideos of the pairing that I like. The software that I use is Sony Vegas and recently I discovered a new software that is easier to use than Sony Vegas, it is called Filmora. I am using a trial version at the moment, and there is a trick on saving the videos that you make, and if you are actually giving a try using the software after seeing this post, I will show you a tutorial on how to remove the Filmora watermark, alright? Just let me know! Oh, you can checkout my Youtube channel here: @leokjae 

That's all from me, Happy Eid guys!
Friday, July 8, 2016

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