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Hello it's been a while! It is obvious that I have been busy for the past weeks. I thought we would not be this busy during our short semester but no, the assignments that were given to us, we need to complete them within this short time. Time flies so fast and now it is almost August which means that soon, I will be having my holidays! I am left with two weeks more here.

A lot of things had happened to be honest, and that includes a conflict between me and my friends and also, about me having a fever. There were a lot of works to do alright? And when you have to complete them with your group members; 8 - 9 members per group (which I think, is quite large), it won't be easy at all. So my advice is that, it is best to divide the works to each member and let everybody do their own part! (p/s: though in my case, me and my group members were all clueless, so it could not be helped that we had no idea on how to work on the assignment, since we are not interested in our extra subject - entrepreneurship, at all)

Anyway! Everything happens for a reason and I believe that the conflict happened because of a reason too. It was to bring us closer to each other. Oh, about my fever, it's been a week and I still have it but my condition right now is not as bad as when I first got it. I am having it for the second time of the year, usually it will be once a year only. The last time I had it when I was at home so it was okay since there was mom to take care of me, but now I am on my own so it is quite difficult, yeah.

Since I will be having my (almost a month) holidays soon, I decide that I should make a list of what I want to do. So here they are:

  • Watch all the anime that I have downloaded
You see, I have quite a lot there, but I have only watched a few. I tend to always look for new anime and download it but never bother to watch it. So during this holidays, I will try to complete them all. And oh, I might as well do anime reviews again so please anticipate!

  • Check out BLACKPINK's dance practice

Recently, YG uploaded a video of a new group which will be debuting soon! They are called "BLACKPINK" and god, aren't they cool. I just cannot wait for them to be known to the world and they remind me a lot of 2NE1. So once I came across the video, I planned to learn the steps. It's been ages since I danced so I thought, why not.

  • Buy more colorful clothes!

I have a thing for everything that is aesthetic and when we talk about aesthetic things, the stuffs are basically white or black but recently everyone has been wearing pink??? And surprisingly, I started having a liking for the color as well. All these pastel colors, they are actually nice. I was not so fond of pink but now some clothes with that color are quite pretty. So right now I decided to buy more clothes with these colors. Yeap, I need to stop collecting all the black clothes oh god, my wardrobe is full of black shirts/sweatshirts seriously.

I guess that is all from me, though I have a few more, but they are just about me wanting to complete all the dramas and other variety shows. Have a good day everyone!
Friday, July 29, 2016

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