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Movie: The Anthem of The Heart // Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda 
Summary: Long ago, the young girl Jun Naruse dreamed of one day attending a ball at the glamorous castle on the hill. After once seeing her father driving out of that castle, she returned home to excitedly tell her mother, not realizing she'd just described her father's infidelity. And so her family falls apart, and after her father tells her it was all her fault, she falls into despair until a strange egg tells her she can save herself from further heartbreak, and maybe even find her prince on a hill. All it would take is to forever seal away her dangerous voice.

I didn't know that I've come across this movie for a few times, until I saw the cover. I might have seen it in the top 10 anime to watch video, and eventually forgot it.  So thanks to my friend who sent me a snap about it, after watching the trailer, I decided to watch it right away.

THE MOVIE IS BEAUTIFUL. I'm in love with it, in love with the characters, and the songs. Naruse got her mouth sealed by an egg, and because of the curse, she could not speak. If she did, her stomach would hurt. It was for her own good, the egg said. I love the part where the guy that she liked, Takumi Sakagami, suggested that she should sing instead of speaking as the two things are different, and when she did, her stomach did not hurt at all. Ever since then, she kept trying to sing. It gave me goosebumps, really, her voice was beautiful.

This is one of my favorite parts. Naruse and Takagami became friends after she told him the reason why she lost her voice. She told him basically, everything, and it was also nice of Takagami to never address Naruse as weird. I thought that the way they interacted with each other was cute, Naruse would have to text Takagami even though they were only beside each other.

Wise words from Naruse, which is true. We are living in a world where there are people who commit suicide after receiving such hurtful words from others.

Naruse made her dramatic entrance and started singing during her and classmates' musical. It touched my heart, again. (That woman with a short hair is her mother who came to watch the musical as well)

Yeap, I'm in love with the musical.

I'd like to rate this movie around 8 out of 10? Because I still think that the ending should be better. There should be a part where her mother apologizes to Naruse for neglecting her and feeling ashamed to have a daughter who could not speak. That was so cruel, I must say. A mother should always be by her children's side and accept the way they are. In my opinion, if it turned out that she was always fine having a daughter like Naruse, I'd love the movie even more.

Anyway, this movie is still highly recommended! 
Saturday, July 30, 2016

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