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So mae asked me to do this tutorial. I'm sorry it took me so long, I should've post it last night, but horror movies happenes so yeah. Well, let's get it started shall we? You can get the PSDs here; hityourheart

  • First, click Ctrl + O to open the image that you want to edit. The very first thing to do is, go to Image> Adjustment> Exposure. Make it, (-0.0333). Then click ok.
  • Now, click Ctrl + O to open your psd. A new tab will pop up, then just click "Keep layers", the psd will be opened.
  • See that? Grab the "Group 1" to the photo that you want to edit. In this case, I grabed it towards Hyukjae.
  • Tada! Did you see the difference? 
  • Now you can close the psd tab. Then go to Layer> Flatten Image. So that the file won't be in PSD file, but instead it will change to PNG or JPEG file.
  • One final touch to make the photo looks better, click Image> Adjustment> Exposure. Make it (+0.333) Or as much as you want! Then c1lick save as, and then done! I prefer saving it in PNG file btw. Oh wait! There's a bonus for you! This is texture. Save this photo. 
  • Then open the texture.
  • Click Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C to copy it. There will be lines(garis putus-putus lmfao) like this around your texture photo.
  • Click Ctrl + V on your edited photo, paste the texture on it. The texture will cover your edited photo.
  • Close the texture tab. See that "Normal"? Choose "Screen". You'll see some changes. Then flatten the image just like I told you before. Lastly, save the photo as PNG file!
  • And these are the photos that I edited! If you need more help, let me know alright?
Saturday, October 12, 2013

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