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Life in university isn't as bad as how i've always thought. It was hard to leave home, to leave my mom alone, to leave my cats. It was hard - well, at first. I often cried whenever i was alone, because i knew i was(am) going to miss them. And yes, a few days being here, it was really hard for me as i wasn't used to be away from mom who was always there for me, who would always help me, who would feed me whenever i was hungry but then i guess i'm liking it here?

Well Alhamdulillah, i'm surrounded by good people, caring and nice(also an idiot sometimes) roommate, friendly housemates, and a mom-like-lecturer. I don't think much about home which is a good thing. It is really fun being here, everyone is like so nice and funny, we are like a family.

Yes, I'm really looking forward to spending more time with them in the future.

Also, the best part is, i never stop talking to nik; there is not a day where we won't talk to each other. And this, makes me feel like home. I'm just really glad to have her by my side. Listening to my random rants, when i feel sad, when i'm hyper, and when i'm mad. She'll always be there for me.

I think, my life is so blessed? I still remember the moment when i found out that i got admitted to this place. I didn't like it, i wasn't sure if this was the right choice. But well, the seniors told us that they also felt the same, and it made me feel better. I'm really liking it here. The people around me- i'm so grateful. Couldn't ask for more, seriously.
Friday, July 3, 2015

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