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I... don't know where to start, really. I have a lot to say.

I noticed that the last time i updated my blog was 2 months ago, and before that; 5 to 6 months ago. It's creepy how time flies so fast sometimes. July happened too fast to me; finally understanding how it feels like to be in a university, new friends and lecturers, working on this and that assignment, staying up late cos of the mid terms and finals, and then it was August.

August; I stayed at home for almost a month since i had a sem break; finally feeling at ease to be back home as i had been missing my cats and my family, getting to taste mom's food again, staying up late to watch movies/korean shows with her, spent only two days to watch Death Note anime ver (that's a new record), finding out about my biases enlistment's dates (yeap, i cried), and then i'm here.

Sem II; I remember that i felt so nervous about this (cos finally, say hi to TESL), wondering about our new lecturers and more.

I had been a bad girl, really. I didn't know what was wrong with me but I felt very distant with Him, yet i didn't do anything much to fix our relationship (but right now i feel better already though).

Good things keep happening to me; i received the novel that i ordered online safely (i had a few troubles before getting it tbh), everything going smoothly once i got back to uni, i got to be in the same group as Mardy (my best friend, although i'm a bit sad that zack's in another group, but it's okay), my classmates are all nice and friendly, all the lecturers aren't as strict as i thought, not having any troubles in registering this and that (thanks to zack for handling them), and when i thought that i won't be talking to my old friends anymore, i was wrong, we are all talking so fine now and i really love this fact.

I don't know what to say anymore seriously, I'm just so grateful right now it makes me want to be a better person and keep going.
Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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