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"I have seven siblings and they're pretty clingy! I wrote them a letter apart from the one I did for my parents. I can just imagine how they'd be when they receive my letters. They'd create havoc all over the house! Such monsters, those little kids! Our house is just a little place in Sokcho, they could practically wreck it if they try!" Junhee narrates and Hyukjae cackles. 

"I miss them though, I miss home." Junhee confesses with a pout and Hyukjae smiles and nods in agreement. He misses his too.

"How about you though?" The young soldier asks a sudden, smiling at Hyukjae with the same glint in his eyes. "What's your home like?"

There's a soft smile on Hyukjae's face before he speaks.

"Well, it's pretty chaotic as well." He starts and Junhee chortles. "It can get pretty crazy at times, and a little silly. It gives me headaches! But it's nice." The faint smile on his face blooms into a bright beam.

"He's warm and safe and assuring and kind. He's every bit of a crier just like me, but a laughter as well. He gets emotional at weird times and speaks before he thinks. He does a lot of things on impulse, gets me in troubles for the most part of it, but it was fun! I told you." Hyukjae shakes his head and sighs.

"He whines a lot. He's probably whining wherever he is now. But at least he doesn't have to worry about his hair, he always got problems with that." Hyukjae cackles and bites his lips, face fond with the memories.

"He's beautiful and I do miss a lot of things about him. His laughter, the crinkles by his eyes, his dumb ideas... everything." Hyukjae mutters the last word softly.

"So yeah, I miss home."

I'd like to say about the same thing. Home, it doesn't have to be a place, it can be your pet, or a person.

Being away from home and my family, it is not something I could do. I had never been away from them for a long time, in my case, for months. And of course, whenever I miss home, it can make me lock myself up in my room and cry my heart out. But there is always a person who will make me feel better. Someone I call home, as well.

Someone who's miles away from me and someone I have never met in real. It still amazes me how this person is always able to comfort me.

I was surprised, still am to be honest. Because even when I was at home alone last time, it didn't feel like I was there at all. Because mom wasn't with me for days. No one to be exact. I felt like a person who was living alone in her house, with her pets being the only one who would accompany her.

It was terrible. I have never felt that lonely.

But this person was always with me, comforted me, tried to make me feel better, embraced me virtually and it felt so real and the next moment I found myself laughing at the silly jokes. They were stupid, but the fact that I was actually laughing, it amazes me.

So I want to be like a home to this person as well. I want to be better.
Monday, January 25, 2016

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