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"I'm still blur with some of the subjects in this semester." was what I said two months ago, but now I find myself wanting to try my very best in studying, obviously because I am not blur anymore. I notice that I often avoid studying and doing everything until the last minute, which is a good thing, resulting me to feel very good after every test. Why? Because at least I have studied well.

And right now though, I am trying my best to complete all of my assignments, the individual ones, if I have to emphasize. The thought of having them being completed actually excites me.

I want to become a better person, really. I realize that I have been neglecting everything, letting my emotions take over me. I have decided, that I should not let it happen anymore - at least I will try. It works, actually, when you put your parents first in everything that you do, with the thought of not wanting to disappoint them. Because that is what I am trying to do at the moment, let's score better than before!

P/S: There is something good that keeps happening to me: I don't feel that nervous anymore while presenting or talking in front of everyone. I wish this will continue until I'm able to fix this weakness of mine.
Saturday, April 9, 2016

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