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It was unplanned. Me and my housemates just sat for our first paper (finals), and the next moment, we found ourselves travelling to Kemaman to watch a movie. It started with one of us saying, "So where should we go right now?" and came the random answer from me, "Kemaman! For a movie!". Then surprisingly, I got an "Okay" from her, the one who was driving. 

Oh the excitement that washed over me after that though.

I could not contain how I felt throughout the journey. I had been wanting to watch Lights Out after seeing the trailer to be honest. Another James Wan movie! Who wouldn't be excited? He's my favorite director anyway. Another reason is because, it would be my third time at the cinema. Also, everyone had been talking about Suicide Squad. Me and my housemates were battling over the two movies, we were confused!

What stopped me from being all hyper and excited (for a moment) was when my friend said she forgot the way to Kemaman, and another friend of mine saying that she could not use her data to look for the directions. So I immediately grabbed my spectacles because the only way to solve the problem was to follow the sign boards. Yeap, they called me GPS after that (oh god) (basically, because all of us are bad with directions). I was certain that we were lost somewhere, before getting back on the right tracks. Thank God we arrived safely after a few hours of travelling, and as it was a bit late for us to watch Lights Out, we watched Suicide Squad instead. I felt upset about it a little bit but oh well, Suicide Squad is a must to watch as well!

**Suicide Squad was a great movie! I will do the review in my next post to avoid having some of you guys finding out about the spoilers.

After that, we walked around Mesra Mall and, I bought a new lipstick for myself! (Nope, not this one, I just took this photo as it was too cute lol).

On the way home, it was pouring and there were even thunders that me and my housemates thought it was better to not drive in such weather. So, we rested at this one R&R and that's a photo of a toilet (well, obviously it is) I took because it's too pretty?

Rotiboy! Bought five of them and this photo was taken earlier, I ate it while using my laptop. I really have to buy it again soon.

Alright, before I end this post, I have two things to say: 1) I changed my blog skin again. One of the reasons why I write is to share some of the photos I take since I'm into Photography, so I need a bigger post and this skin meets my needs. 2) To my followers, especially some of you who have just followed me recently. If you noticed that there are some posts where you can't view, that is because I made them into drafts. I used to write a lot of emotional posts and now that I've opened a new book, I stopped doing it. Just letting you know.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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